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How To Always Be, In the “Right” Place at the “Right” Time, Doing the “Right” Thing

Become more Intuitive now! One of the most important gifts we offer is the Guidance for Life ™ Approach to living a more consciously intuitive and guided life. This approach is the core of everything we do relating to intuition, which we also call inner guidance. It consists of several distinct parts that fit together, like a mathematical equation, resulting in guidance every time. It’s a step by step comprehensive teaching that truly gives you a practical real world approach to guidance that can be practiced and implemented anytime, anywhere. The approach is most empowering when you experience it along with the detailed teachings and real world examples that accompany it in a live classroom, retreat or DVD. This website is packed with tips, tools, exercises and teachings to empower you with a more conscious and connected relationship with your intuition!



Inner GuidanceAt first, when you learn the teachings, you will you gain the empowerment to consciously choose to follow guidance more of the time. But that is just the beginning, once you are there, you go from mechanically following guidance more of the time to just living it! Practicing the approach consciously creates a grove in your being that guidance begins to follow more and more of the time. Like water following the path of least resistance, once you can follow guidance consciously, you will eventually just notice that you are moving from guidance, without thought, more of the time. How would your life be different if you were on auto pilot with your higher self in the captain’s seat? To find out how different life might be if you were living more from inner guidance, check out our free education on guidance for Wealth, Health, Relationships, Ease of Life and Business. Every part of life changes dramatically when we live from our deepest truth and wisdom.


How Do I Become More Intuitive?

Most of us are living intuitively some of the time. The challenge many face is “How do I live intuitively ALL the time?” How do I stay consciously connected with Source, with the Divine, all the time?

Step-by-Step Approach

We have developed a step-by-step approach to cultivating a more conscious and connected relationship to your intuition/Inner Guidance. It’s a 3D, practical approach and its simple. If you follow and practice the path you will be living your guidance.

This website is packed with tips for living your Inner Guidance in every moment.

There are Blog entries/Articles, tips, Testimonials, videos and most importantly, a Proven Path that changes people’s lives forever. At a foundational level, its all designed to raise your consciousness, which is true POWER…


“The only real valuable thing is intuition”

Albert Einstein




An approach to cultivating a cleaner and more conscious relationship and connection with the guru that really matters, your higher self.


Intuition and Wealth!

Ease of Life

Intuition and Health!

Great Health

Intuition and Ease of Life!

Ease of Life

Intuition and Relationships!

Ease of Life

Intuition and Business!

Ease of Life

Guidance for Life™ DVD Series

Guidance For Life DVD Series

An Approach to Living Inner Guidance in Every Moment

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